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10 Weeks, 10 Songs

Welcome to The Studio Songwriter Community’s 10 Songs in 10 Weeks Challenge. Beginning June 23, each week my creative prompts will push your boundaries and serve as a catalyst for your songwriting. Share your songs in our supportive Facebook group. All skill levels are welcome in our diverse community. Get ready to be inspired and conjure music magic!

Free to participate.

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What is it?

The 10 Songs in 10 Weeks Challenge is designed to ignite your songwriting passion and (lovingly) push your creative boundaries. Each week, Joel will provide you with a creative prompt that will serve as fuel for your songwriting imagination. These prompts will be the springboard from which your songs will bloom, hopefully allowing you to explore and inspire new songwriting. If you make it through the whole thing you will leave with TEN NEW ORIGINALS by the end of the summer to record, perfect, and perform.

Challenge begins June 23 and ends September 1, 2023


Where is it?

The creative prompts will be posted in The Studio Songwriter Facebook group and via email. There will also be a weekly zoom call where  you can play your songs and receive invaluable feedback from fellow participants.


How much is it?

This is a totally free, non-commercial initiative and everyone is welcome. Feel free to start on the first week or jump in part way through.


Why participate?

This challenge is meant to be fun and enriching. It’s an opportunity to stretch your creative muscles, experiment with new ideas, and a chance to overcome any self-imposed limitations. It’s also a chance to discover and grow your creative voice, co-write (should you wish), and network with other artists.


I'm Scared!

The Studio Songwriter Community is a safe space where kindness and support are the guiding principles. So far there is a diverse group of artists that range from emerging to seasoned pros. We are all united by our love of music and our willingness to help one another grow. The belief is that each person has a unique story to tell and through mutual support and encouragement, we will all flourish.

Hi, I’m Joel 👋

I’m a guitarist, producer, and founder of The Studio Songwriter Community.

As a music producer, records I’ve worked on have won, or been nominated for awards like the Junos, Maple Blues Awards, Canadian Folk Music Awards and many others. I also teach a course at Toronto’s Sheridan College Music Scoring program.

When I’m not producing, composing, or teaching, you can find me listening to Gillian Welch’s I Dream A Highway on repeat or hanging with my partner and our son.

I’m excited to bring my experience to the #10weeks10songs Challenge and to help your creativity blosom.

Joel Schwartz program leader, music producer


Frequently Asked Questions

You will get the opportunity to share your songs live on the group calls as well as in a weekly thread. If you WISH to receive feedback, you can indicate this either live or on your post. Otherwise, by default no feedback will be given.

Not a group about winning approval of the community

You can submit your song as a video (preferably) in the weekly Facebook thread, or play it on the weekly zoom call.

No! Don’t get fancy with the recording. Participants are encouraged to post raw and simple recordings aka worktapes. The more produced a song is, the less malleable it is, and the more people will comment on the production rather than the song. Also, it’s harder to be receptive to feedback if you’ve spent hours on the production.

Sign up for the Challenge to receive prompts. You can also join The Studio Songwriter Facebook group

This is process-focused rather than outcome-focused. If the weekly creative prompt inspires something totally different, that’s fine. Creativity is messy. This is all about giving yourself permission to unleash your inner creative beast!
The only requirement here is that the song be original and composed that week.

Nope. All are welcome to join.

All calls are recorded and available for streaming from the Facebook group.

The idea is that all songs should be original and composed that week.


10 Weeks, 10 Songs Challenge

Sharpen your pencils, tune your instruments, and prepare to be inspired.

The #10songs10weeks Challenge awaits, and I cannot wait to witness the incredible songs that will emerge from your creative minds.

Join the Facebook group and start writing!