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Join The Studio Songwriter community for our next session as you follow creative prompts, refine your songwriting, and grow through master classes. Benefit from accountability, feedback, and member collaboration in a kind, positive, and supportive community. Join and get ready to be inspired and create musical magic!

Space is limited!

Jadea Kelly recording 'Any Old Boat' in Joel Schwartz's recording studio in Toronto. (Photo credit: Jen Squires)

“I’ve been playing a lot of shows. Every song that I’ve written from this challenge is on my set list now, and they’re some of the crowd favourites


On Songwriting challenge RESULTS​​

Lots of smiles from participants in the summer songwriting challenge.


What is it?

The Studio Songwriter is a welcoming online membership community for singer-songwriters, offering weekly creative prompts, master classes, collaboration, and live performance opportunities. Led by seasoned music producer and ASCAP award winning composer Joel Schwartz, this is a platform where musicians of all levels can explore their songwriting potential, share their creations, and receive feedback in a supportive environment. 


Where is it?

We meet online on a private community platform (Heartbeat app) where members get a chance to play their songs, workshop ideas, discuss processes, and take opportunities for invaluable feedback from fellow participants. In between live Zoom sessions, participants can post songs, leave comments, and take advantage of feature-packed resources. 

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Community discussion, song posts, community guidelines, and updates.


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CHECK OUT THE VIBE FROM our year-end concert

What's it really like?

Here’s a peek behind the curtain of this community. This was a live-stream of our year-end concert. What you see here in this performance is the culmination of weeks of writing, editing, workshops, collaboration, and mentorship.


How much is it?

The first community program has wrapped! It was a beautiful, inspiring, heartwarming, and supportive experience. Join the waitlist to jump on the next round. Very small group sizes! 


Why participate?

This challenge is meant to be fun and enriching. It’s an opportunity to stretch your creative muscles, experiment with new ideas, and a chance to overcome any self-imposed limitations. It’s also a chance to discover and grow your creative voice, co-write (should you wish), network with other artists, and hone your performance chops.

Is this community for pros only?

I'm Not Sure I’m Good Enough!

The Studio Songwriter Community is a welcoming space where kindness and support are the guiding principles. So far there is a diverse group that range from emerging artists to seasoned pros. We are all united by our love of music and our willingness to help one another grow. Each person has a unique story to tell and through mutual support and encouragement, we will all flourish.


Anything else?

Enjoy live workshops and master classes, tailored for your artistic and professional growth. Topics include harmony and chords, innovative guitar techniques for songwriting, editing and revising songs, maintaining creative output, prepping for recording/production, ear training, and understanding rights/royalties. Truly jam-packed with value.

Hi, I’m Joel 👋

I’m a guitarist, producer, composer and founder of The Studio Songwriter Community.

As a music producer, records I’ve worked on have won, or been nominated for, awards like the Junos, Maple Blues Awards, Canadian Folk Music Awards, and many others. 

I’m an ASCAP award winning composer, working on shows such as Ride (Hallmark), Paris Paris (UnisTV), and Sullivan’s Crossing (CTV/CW). 

I’ve also been lucky to have worked with some of Canada’s legendary songwriters such as: Allison Russell (Birds of Chicago), Tony Dekker (Great Lake Swimmers), Royal Wood, Amelia Curran, Matthew Barber, Jill Barber, and many others. 

When I’m not producing, composing, or teaching, you can find me hanging with my partner and running after our toddler.

I’m truly excited to bring my experience to this community and to help your creativity blossom.

Music Producer Joel Schwartz in his studio in Toronto, where he leads the online songwriting challenge. (Photo credit: Jen Squires)

“I appreciate the opportunity to play for others… It’s really helping to motivate me, because, like most people, I need some motivation to get to work, and writing a song is work. But it’s also one of the most rewarding things. When you write a song, you write something from nothing, and it’s like a real high. Paul Simon calls it ‘a big dopamine splash in your brain’.” ​


On Weekly motivation that is FUN​​​



Frequently Asked Questions

Song Circle is built on the Heartbeat platform. It can be accessed with any browser or downloadable mobile app.

You will get the opportunity to share your songs in real time on the group calls as well as online on our private platform. If you WISH to receive feedback, you can indicate this when you perform. Otherwise, by default no feedback will be given. This is not a group about winning approval of the community (however historically our group is wonderfully supportive). 

You can submit your song as a video (preferably) on the Studio Songwriter members platform, and/or play it on the weekly zoom call.

You can share your songs in real time during group calls and as posts on our private platform. If you want feedback, let us know when you perform; otherwise, no feedback will be provided by default. Our group isn’t focused on seeking community approval, although historically, it’s been very supportive.


The intimate community consists of songwriters at many levels: from seasoned pros to emerging artists. The discussions, insights, and workshops within the community are relevant to creative growth at any level.

Each cohort is limited to around 15 people.

You are the sole owner of any original work you create. The Studio Songwriter has no label or publisher interests whatsoever. The community is about empowering songwriters’ creative process and providing support and mentorship along the way.


This is process-focused rather than outcome-focused. If the weekly creative prompt inspires something totally different, that’s fine. Creativity is messy. This is all about giving yourself permission to unleash your inner artistic beast! The only requirement here is that the song be original and composed that week.


All calls are recorded and available for streaming.



“When I joined this a couple of weeks ago, I was very busy playing like six gigs a week, and feeling pretty excited about my year and getting some momentum, especially with my original music. What this challenge did for me was pull me back and ground me a little bit. I realized I can’t continue to move forward without taking time to hone my art and writing. I’m appreciating this new regiment.”


On Co-Writing Experience

We used texts, voice memo snippets, ideas, stories, little melodies, and words to get us pointed in the same direction. I’ve had a couple of experiences in the past, where a friend and I tried to write a song together, and I’ve just been awful at it, but I think the structure of the timeline helped a lot. The song came out in such a satisfying way, and when it was done we both felt like it was someone else’s song -- like we couldn’t believe that we wrote that song. It felt like we were covering a song by someone else. It became a product that neither of us would have written on our own so that was really cool.


On Expanding creativity and PROCESS​​​

“I was feeling out of the flow, I hadn’t written anything in a while, so it was hard to get back in, and then the other night I decided to go back through some of my notes for lyrics, and snippets of things I started and never finished. I thought ‘I’m just going to go back and work on whatever comes up’, and there were two songs that I ended up finishing. They’re still a work in progress, but they’re more of a song than they were.”

Joel Schwartz in his studio in Toronto. (Photo credit: Jen Squires)


Community Songriting Challenge

Sharpen your pencils, tune your instruments, and prepare to be inspired.

The songwriting challenge awaits, and I cannot wait to witness the incredible songs that will emerge from your creative minds.